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2020 Design Trends

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I can't tell the future...but I can research it! Here are some of the top projected design trends for 2020.

1. 3D is back and better than ever

No, not the old school red and blue glasses. 3D realism! In 2019 this trend evolved with adobe Dimension and people are LOVING it. with the constant advancement of technology, we will see more and more 3D graphic design sometimes combined with animation.

Image Source: JeanPierre Le Roux

2. Neon Gradients

These modern bright color gradients are eye catching! Now we see a rise in the use of these gradients used in a new non traditional way. Combining 3D with these gradients creates the ultimate visual experience.

Image Source: Darina Derendyaeva

3. Geometric Designs

All great compositions brake down to basic geometric shapes. This year Designers are aiming for simplicity. these designs may look simple yet they require a lot of thought. Designer need to analyze what shapes trigger peoples brains to recognize them as more than shapes.

Image Source: TRÜF Creative

4. Liquify

As previously mentioned, 3D design to a whole new level. With this, we have the capability of imitating water textures and animate them. This "liquefaction" looks great as a graphic, but becomes even greater with the power of Animation.

Video Source: BestServedBold

5. Animation

To finish, With new capabilities in website design and software being at the tip of our fingers, animation is projected to play a huge roll in advertisement and marketing strategies in 2020. Gif's are now better than ever. its hard to see the difference in video and gif qualities. It is captivating, interesting and available to upload everywhere.

If your looking for more design trends I highly recommend visiting the sources bellow:

Informational sources:

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