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Web & Email Campaign Design

Web banner design and brand email marketing campaigns that helped the brand’s collections sell out online and increase traffic on their website and social media pages. 

Logo Design and Marketing Collateral
In 2017 the Petaluma fire dep. celebrated 160 years of service with a Fundraising ball. These are samples of the Logo design, marketing materials, tickets and posters designed for the "old Hollywood" themed event. 

PETALUMA Fire Dept Ball


Original Cartoon Concept

Space-plorer is a cartoon sitcom concept developed to be viewed by early teens to teens (11-16) broadcast on a similar channel as Cartoon Network. The show’s main characters are Norbert, the human farmer, and Roxy the Intergalactic cross-species engineered space-plorer, whom Norbert refers to as “Space Squirrel” (this displeases her). 

Character Environments

These interstellar environments were designed based on Roxy and Norbert’s adventures and the kind of trouble they get themselves into.

A is the moment Norbert leaves the planet “Arth” in Roxy’s spaceship. 

B is the planet B-0085, where Norbert finds a piece of curious-looking space-fruit. He was told not to eat it.

C we see Norbert broke the rules and is getting a misdemeanor fine by Insp. Flake. 

D is the entrance to Las Venus. The city is filled with game-rooms where you can win tokens that can buy almost anything as long as you use them in town.

Merchandising Opportunities.

This cartoon has the potential to create great multi-gender space-themed merchandise options, from games to attire to interior design. 



Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.51.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.44.08 PM.png

Cafe Concept

Experience coffee is a café concept that creates an experience around coffee beans. The café aims to give the client a full sensory experience from the moment they walk through the door. To enhance the experience, the space and the web presence would have a lab-like design. The logo represents a “eureka” moment with a coffee bean in the middle. This cafe would be perfect for museums and exploratoriums. 



Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.44.24 PM.png

Freelance Photography & Layout

Zeba is a Jewelry brand created by Jewelry designer Adi Pizada. Included in this request was Lifestyle and product photography for his most popular designs as well as layout design for a product catalog. 

for a full digital version of the catalog.  


Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.55.20 PM.png

Cartoon Concept

Topi was created as a cartoon concept for age groups 0-5. He is a sweet shy octopus, however his curiosity gets him in all sorts of trouble with his best friend needles the urchin. The characters communicates with a soothing narrator voice using calming noises and facial expressions. The show helps enhance social and communication skills in this age group. To take the learning experience even further, The show has a website with interactive games and videos as well as a social media campaign targeting the holders of the remote - the parents. 



Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.55.28 PM.png

Social Media Campaign Design

Womenserve is a Non profit organization who aims to empower women oppressed by cultural norms in India. they aim to give girls the opportunity of education and women the chance to be financially independent. These are some of the social media campaigns, logos and event collateral that helped deliver their message and surpass their donation goals. 

to learn more about Womenserve visit:


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