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North Bay Biz Magazine. 

November, 2016 Issue - full page

Chantelle Bogue is part of the latest wave of creative souls drawn to the beauty of the North Bay. The 24-year-old, currently living in Windsor, was born in Walnut Creek to an American-born father and Panamanian mother, but the family moved to Panama when she was just 3 years old. She moved back to the United States after high school, settling on Sonoma County for its green spaces and the friendliness of its people.


Bogue had always been artistic, jumping from painting to drawing to taking photographs, but when she first enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do career-wise. “I only knew that I wanted to do something impacting the arts,” she says.


Asked about life after the program {FIDM}, Bogue says she’s fascinated by the idea of neuromarketing, the study of how people respond to marketing stimuli and hopes her coursework in psychology and graphic design will help her move the field along. And where will she look to inspire all her creative ideas in the future?


When asked what inspires her she answered: “People, to be honest,” she says. “I love to draw and paint oak trees, or take photos at the beach, but people are what inspire my abstract mind more than anything.”  


—Written by Juliet Porton


FIDM’S 2017

Designer of the year.

May 2017

Awarded to one graduating student that showed an exceptional design eye and software expertise. 


FIDM’S 2016 Scholarship competition.

June 2016

Guaranteeing a full-ride scholarship on her professional designation Graphic Design degree.


First place - JACC for

Editorial Cartoon

September 2015

An editorial cartoon that Illustrated the conflicting life of children of immigrants.


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