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Design takes action on sustainability


The focus on sustainability right now a big part of the design process itself. Therefor the use of digital and social media marketing are on the rise, specially in advertising. but there is still a need for packaging and print materials and "REUSE, REDUCE & RECYCLE" are now goals designers want to achieve when creating printable materials. Cardboard is becoming the new premium in packaging; designers and production artists are working with scientists to create compostable plastics and new ways of creating sustainable designs.

“More brands are trying to make a positive contribution by transitioning towards innovative approaches to packaging, such as using recyclable or ethically sourced materials,” says Charlie Smith, creative director at Charlie Smith Design. “The types of inks we use, the different finishes we see, and the materials we specify are all contributing to a more pared-back design trend, and this is set to gain momentum in 2020."

“The global issue of sustainability and impact on climate change is one overriding theme that runs through all our design and production teams’ creative minds,” says Steve Austen-Brown, creative director at Avantgarde London. “This topic resonates with all the brands we work with, and across all design approaches. Our approach to sustainability has been key in the way we tackle 3D spatial design. The materials, and the reuse and recycling life span of structures and environments, are also spilling into the way we think about other design disciplines." 

Alex Halfpenny, design director at Elmwood, takes a similar view. “As designers take more responsibility for the collateral they help create, the desire to find sustainable materials, techniques and finishes are at the front of mind when every new brief comes in," he says. "These include more environmentally alternatives to things like foil blocking, dialling up premiumness while reducing material cost, embracing natural paper stocks and simplified techniques.”

Here are some fun examples and concepts of sustainable designs out there today:

Image Sources:

Allan Gomes

Danilo Makio Saito

Michelle Currie

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Chantelle Bogue

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