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Back to REAL: Social backlash against "perfection"

We live in a world littered with fake perfection. This is images that have been altered beyond the point of realism that have defined our social standards. Photoshopped models that whose bodies have been modified beyond genetic capabilities, skin as smooth as a porcelain doll, Perfect "magazine cover" families. But an incredible thing is happening. People suddenly Hate it!

Millennials, the largest consumer group at this time, want to see images in advertising that they can relate to. Therefor all sorts of different races, shapes and sexual orientations have taken over marketing and advertising strategies and the numbers don't lie. Most companies using this new advertising strategy show a higher number of interaction in social media outlets. TRUE-lifestyle posts show higher success.

So in this social movement that is truly a backlash against the image-obsessed, overly filtered selfie culture, there is now a rise of un-retouched imagery and representation of truer diversity. and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am happy to say Goodbye to insta-perfection.

Here are some Industry examples of this new advertising strategy:

Sources in photos - Disclaimer: None of these images where created by or with help of Chantelle Bogue

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